Welcome to the Sayville Teachers Association

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The Sayville Teachers Association is the voice for educators, nurses, and school-related professionals in the Sayville School District. We are passionate advocates for our students as well as the entire Sayville learning community.

Our membership is comprised of caring professionals that go above and beyond to meet the needs of their students. Our dedication to the students of Sayville helps to motivate our role in shaping their education.

Sayville teachers consistently come together to instruct, share, and learn from one another and that is what makes us a strong and united association.

Sayville teachers take great pride in their community and enjoy sharing in the accomplishments of the students on a consistent basis. Sayville teachers prominently display their support for the community by being a familiar presence at many community and school district functions.



100 S. Main Street, Suite 205 Sayville, NY 11782 631-567-5728